Genshin Impact Genesis Crystal price adjusted in UK, Eurozone, and more regions

Genshin Impact
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Genshin Impact is adjusting its pricing in multiple regions including the United Kingdom, South Africa, Tajikistan, Georgia, and regions that use the Euro.

Developer MiHoYo announced the price adjustments on Twitter but didn't specify exact amounts up-front or everything that will be affected. It's all but certain that the cost of Genesis Crystals, the premium currency which can be converted to Primogems or spent on various resource bundles, is the primary focus, but the direct-purchase battle pass and Welkin pass may also be impacted. We've reached out to MiHoYo for specifics and will update our reporting if we hear back. 

"There may be a delay in the price display in the in-game shop," MiHoYo added. "Please refer to the actual price paid." In other words, the in-game UI may not reflect the updated prices, but the charge on your payment method will. 

Previously, UK Genshin Impact players had no choice but to pay a substantial markup on Genesis Crystal bundles. The biggest bundle, which gets you around 8,000 Crystals with the bonus 1,600 factored in, is available for $100 in the US but went for an eye-watering £100 in the UK, which represents a nearly 40% markup. UK gamers likely won't be surprised by the price hike – just ask the UK PS5 owners paying £69.99 for new games – but anything that brings global pricing closer together can only be good news. Again, we're still awaiting final confirmation on the UK price after the change, so don't rush out and make any celebratory purchases just yet. 

Curiously, several other online games and platforms have recently announced comparable price changes for many of the same regions. Twitch (opens in new tab) just rolled out discounted local sub pricing for the UK and Ireland, for instance. MiHoYo said its tweaks were driven by "recent adjustments to the platform's pricing policy," which suggests there may have been some regulatory changes behind the scenes. If it makes gaming cheaper in the target regions, it's music to my ears. 

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