Genshin Impact crowned game of the year by both Google and Apple

Genshin Impact
(Image credit: miHoYo)

Genshin Impact has won the best game award for both the 2020 Google Play awards and Apple's App Store Best of 2020 lineup. 

"Any title crowned Best Game has to exceed expectations and deliver compelling, accessible, genre-defining experiences," the Google Play listings read. "Thankfully, this year’s winner does all this without missing a beat."

To celebrate these awards, developer MiHoYo will give all players 800 total Primogems (or five rolls worth) via Genshin Impact's in-game mail. Expect to receive 200 per day from December 3 through December 6. That ought to help the unlucky land new character Zhongli.

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These awards were announced alongside word from SensorTower confirming that Genshin Impact has generated nearly $400 million for developer MiHoYo since its September 28 launch, averaging more than $6 million a day. The $5 daily pass and $10 battle pass undoubtedly provided a chunk of the overall profits too, but there's no denying the success of the gacha model. 

Per our chat with MiHoYo last month, Genshin Impact really is just getting started. It's now one major update deep, and update 1.2 is slated to arrive later this month. However, the developers believe that the game's full story will "likely take several years" to complete, and there are certainly no signs of the game going anywhere. We've only seen two of seven planned regions, and the current regions Mondstadt and Liyue are also expected to be expanded in future updates, and we're missing an entire character element on top of that. 2020 was certainly a strong year for Genshin Impact, and I suspect we'll see its scope explode to match its popularity in 2021. 

Here are some essential Genshin Impact tips to help you make the most of Teyvat.

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