Genshin Impact 1.4 update includes new character Rosaria and a dating sim

Rosaria points a staff at you
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Genshin Impact’s 1.4 update, Invitation of Windblume, will release on March 17.

Invitation of Windblume heralds a raft of shiny new content, including new four-star playable character Rosaria and new four-star weapon, the Windblume Ode.

“In version 1.4, we’ll be adding Rosaria ‘Thorny Benevolence’ as a new four-star playable character,” writes miHoYo’s technical director, Zhenzhong Yi, on the PlayStation Blog

"Rosaria is a sister of the Church of Favonius who players may have already encountered during their adventures with Albedo in Dragonspine. Bearing a Cryo Vision, Rosaria is a powerful polearm wielder with an Elemental Skill that allows her to instantly shift behind her enemy, piercing and slashing them to deal Cryo damage.

"Her Elemental Burst allows her to attack with a mighty slash, causing massive Cryo damage and summoning a frigid Ice Lance that deals continuous Cryo damage to nearby enemies."

There's also a new mode that sounds similar to a dating sim.

All Travelers who are at Adventure Rank 20 or above and have completed the Archon Quest Song of the Dragon and Freedom will also be invited to "join the cordial celebration of the Windblume Festival", which offers numerous mini-games to play "with tonnes of rewards and prizes". 

"Players will even have a very special chance to spend time hanging out with Barbara, Noelle, Bennett, and Chongyun, with the possibility of experiencing different endings and memories depending on your choices and interactions with each character," the blog teases.

The update also brings "some adjustments and optimizations" to make the experience "a more fun and enjoyable journey". The version 1.4 update will allow Travelers to hold up to five Condensed Resin in their Inventory as well as grant Travelers the option of lowering their World Level to better suit their needs in single-player and co-op mode.

Genshin Impact is out now on mobile (iOS/Android), PC, PS4, and PS5 via backward compatibility.

MiHoYo plans to support Genshin Impact for "several years," so we know there's plenty of content still to come.

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