Genshin Impact update 1.4 will be revealed this Saturday

Genshin Impact
(Image credit: MiHoYo)

Genshin Impact update 1.4 will be revealed in a livestream airing this Saturday, March 6.

Developer MiHoYo announced the reveal earlier today. The stream will air at 8am PST / 11am EST / 4pm BST over on the Genshin Impact YouTube channel. 

The announcement tweet for the English stream features Jean and the free Mondstadt characters Amber, Kaeya, and Lisa. The Chinese announcement, meanwhile, shows Venti and Jean, as well as a distinct balloon emblem. This imagery lines up with recent rumors regarding update 1.4, the most prominent being a Mondstadt festival to mirror the Liyue Lantern Rite, a possible rerun banner for Venti, and a rate-up banner for Jean. All of this remains unconfirmed, but there are plenty of bread crumbs to follow.

The characters featured in Genshin Impact update reveal streams often end up on special banners in those updates, so the appearance of Venti and Jean raises an eyebrow. Gacha games typically recycle character rate-up banners every few months, and players have long speculated that Venti – the first five-star character ever released, and still one of the strongest in the game – would be the first character to get a rerun, partly because many players couldn't or didn't think to roll for him when the game was still new. 

A banner for Jean, a vanilla five-star character normally obtainable from the permanent standard banner, is also possible. Update 1.3 introduced the first vanilla rate-up banner with Keqing, so characters like Jean, Diluc, Qiqi, and Mona are now plausible. Venti and Jean also work well together and they're both iconic Mondstadt characters, so it would be a natural fit for update 1.4. Still, even with rumors backing it up, that's a lot to draw from just a piece of splash art, so don't start prepping for anyone just yet. 

In any case, the Genshin Impact update 1.4 reveal stream will be one to watch. If we're lucky, it will not only reveal the game's immediate future, but also the next chunk of the game's roadmap. With update 1.3 winding down, the initial roadmap that MiHoYo shared following the game's release is almost over, and we don't yet know the scope and schedule of future updates. MiHoYo plans to support Genshin Impact for "several years," so we know there's plenty of content still to come – it's just a matter of when and what.

A third-party Genesis Crystal vendor has made waves in the Genshin Impact community lately, but players can rest assured that it's not an account security risk.

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