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The next Gears of War will be at E3, but Black Tusk (kinda) won't

After a few years collecting dust, the Gears of War are turning once more. Former Black Tusk studio head (more on that in a minute) Rod Fergusson revealed that the studio will "share more on what's next for Gears of War" on June 15.

Black Tusk's remit has been to make a new Gears ever since Microsoft bought the rights from Epic. It's already a near-sure thing that a remastered version of the original Gears of War is coming to Xbox One, but we'll have to wait to find out whether that's what Fergusson meant when he mentioned the future of the series.

Speaking of the series' future, Black Tusk has changed its name to reflect its role as official Gears steward: it's now The Coalition, a reference to the Coalition of Ordered Governments, along the same lines as designated Halo developer 343 Industries' nod to mouthy orb 343 Guilty Spark. My guess is that Rare will be next in line, changing its name to T. Bird Enterprises as it shifts its focus solely to the future of Battletoads.

If you're really into splash screens, you can check out The Coalition's new chainsaw-gun-inspired title animation below.

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