Gears of War overcomes MGS4

If, like us, you were asking "Why haven't I seen much of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots in ages?" when you woke this morning - though admittedly we do that most mornings - then we might have the answer for you. It seems that Xbox 360's Gears of War has grabbed many of the development team by their short-'n-curlies and propelled 3am multiplayer bashes onto the studio's priority list.

Kojima Productionsis "a studio filled with some of the most hardcore gamers ... who love to chainsaw their work buddies until the sun comes up," according to assistant producer and Kojima Productions Report podcast host Ryan Payton, reminiscing about a wee-hours gaming session with his co-workers that raged on "until 3:30am."

What does the big-cheese Kojima think about it all? Or is he elbowing his way to the front of the crowd for another disembowel-a-licious Gears of War assault? Well, hopefully we'll be hearing all about it in the next Kojima Productions Report, which ought to squeeze onto the web in the next few days.

February 5, 2007

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