Gears of War multiplayer action

Tuesday 31 October 2006
While most of the hype around Xbox 360 shooter Gears of War has focused on humanity's battle to drive the evil Locust hordes back into the darkness, and grinding their scaly face under your boot, we've managed to capture some amazing multiplayer footage from the other side, to see how life and death feels as a space invader.

Played out in the spacious but shadowy Fuel Depot level, one of the 10 multiplayer maps to be included in the completed game, this sizeable clip also shows just how the gameplay mixes strategic considerations with outright carnage. So, just when you and your alien horde have managed to flank an enemy with a clever manoeuvre, you can pop out of cover and dispatch them with a volcanic splatter of head-soup.

It looks gory; it looks gloomy; it looks gorgeous; it looks like being one of the best games of the year.

And if you want to join this explosion of violence, shimmy your mouse towards the movies tab above and click away, ready to join the aliens as they take on the fleshy ones for a deathmatch to the bitter end.