Gears of War fireworks shoot flaming balls

Thanks tobar1scorpio, an intrepid memberof the GR forums, our search forthe best Gears of War merchcan finally come to end. Do you like flaming balls? With report?! Then you simply must get your hands on these extremely unofficial Gears of War fireworks!

China is good at a lot of things, but it's especially good at making fireworks and shruggingatinternational copyright relations.Want to see what the Gears-inspired 'splodey rocketsactually do? Aposter on website Pyro Universe (if anyone who uses this site says "I've got a good idea," run)created a video of the fireworks in action.

Wait, there's more! bar1scorpio also pointed out this package, called The Truly Warrior. Who could be more the truly warrior than Marcus Fenix?

Jun 30, 2010