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Gears of War: Exile trademarked by Epic Games. Leatherface hopes it's a Kinect game

Typical, ain%26rsquo;t it? You wait around two years for a new Gears of War game, and then bloody two turn up at once. There%26rsquo;s nothing like a rubbish bus analogy, eh? But with the news Epic Games has trademarked the name Gears of War: Exile (along with revealing a logo), we could be getting two Marcus Fenix adventures before the year is out. Don%26rsquo;t get overly excited, mind. Exile could well be the shooter%26rsquo;s long rumoured Kinect debut.

If the new project were to be Kinect compatible, it would fall in line with rumours that were dancing around the interwebs in the build up to last months VGAs. Before Christmas,IGN reported a tip had told them Epic would announce a Kinect Gears title at the awards. Pity then, the announcement never came%26hellip; or joyous if you hate all things associated with Microsoft%26rsquo;s casual-courting camera sorcery.

Of course, if Exile does turn out to be Microsoft%26rsquo;s latest attempt to jump on the motion-controlled bandwagon, we%26rsquo;ll try and curb our cynicism. Well, briefly at least. While we struggle to see how Gears%26rsquo; tight, demanding cover shootingcould be compressed into a series of arm waggles, chainsawing a Locust in half could be kinda fun with Kinect, right?

Above: See, Leatherface is having fun

Eh, and that%26rsquo;s pretty much all the positivity we can eek out of the premise.

But what about you? If Exile does go onto become a Kinect game, would you be in favour of it? Do you think motion control could add something to the series? Or do you simply not care and would rather Epic just concerned itself with getting Gears 3 out the door. Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Siliconera

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Jan 19, 2010