Gears of War developer demo

Monday 2 October 2006
If you're hungry for more Gears of War action, start your Monday the macho way with these three movies from a developer play-through at Microsoft's X06 conference.

Showing off the opening prison break and a cutscene and gameplay from the second level, there's all the chainsaw-in-the-face action you could possibly want, with blow-by-blow commentary from one of the game's developers.

You'll also get your first glimpse of some new characters, including an Apocalypse Now-style bloodthirsty commanding officer, and possibly the game's only (human) female character - who could really do with wearing at least a bullet-proof vest.

Gears always looked to be one of 360's biggest, loudest titles, and it should claim that place with little difficulty this November. We're looking forward to finding out if we're big enough men for it.