Gamescom 2019 drops the first Gears 5 campaign trailer in over a year

It's finally here, Gearheads. The newest Gears 5 campaign trailer just dropped at Gamescom 2019, and it's jam-packed full of bloody Locusts, Kate Diaz' strange visions, and some naughty language, all set to Nine Inch Nails' 'Head Like a Hole.' Considering this is the first full story trailer since the game was announced at E3 2018, this is a big deal. Like, Marcus Fenix big.

Titled 'Kait Unleashed,' shows our protagonist going into some type of machine that lets her tap into her creepy Locust visions. "You find what you're looking for?" Marcus Fenix asks her. "Yeah," Kait responds. "And now we need to kill it." Marcus asks her to think long and hard about her visions so that they can extrapolate as much detail from it as possible. There's even a creepy birth-like visual that may be hinting at Kait's, erm, unique heritage. Her grandmother gave her a Locust necklace,  which begs the question: is the famous Locust queen Myrrah Kait's grammy? Seems like Kait's visions are going to be crucial for the Cogs to get a leg up on the Locusts, who look bigger and badder than ever before. 

The trailer then jumps to the Cogs in some type of base, facing an impending Locust attack as the swarm takes out all of the base's external cameras. "They're here," Kait says. Cue some sick fighting scenes, including a massive mech that jumps on the back of an even more massive Locust, piloted by our favorite Augustus 'Cole Train' Cole. "You remember me?" He yells from inside the mech (how could we forget), "Now's the fun part, bitch."  There's also swarms of tiny Locusts flying in swirling formation that dismantle you limb from limb if you're caught in their swarm. The trailer features gruesome new executions, wild weapons, and more creepy crawlies. It also shows Kait kiteboarding in two different locations with a person at the helm of a kind of snowmobile that's attached to a parachute, so it looks like we'll be getting some interesting vehicle gameplay.  

The trailer ends with a chilling question, "When the blood on your hands runs in your veins. Who will you die for?" Oh man, it's not looking good for our girl Kait.

Gears 5 drops on Xbox One and PC on September 10, but you can get it on September 6 with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

For another dope trailer, check out the Gears 5 Horde Mode Trailer.  

Alyssa Mercante

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