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Gears 5 components: Where to find all Jack upgrades and component locations in Gears 5

Act 4 Chapter 1

Gears 5 components Act 4 Chapter 1

gears 5 component 111

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Location: At the start of the chapter
Current Objective: N/A

Finding this component is simple. When Act IV starts and you gain control, don't rush out the passage just yet, despite the sense of urgency. Instead, make a 180-degree turn and head to the dead end. While facing the dead end, look to your left to find the component amongst some crates.

gears 5 component 112

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Component 3-Pack
Location: Inside the building after Cole gives you a lift
Current Objective: Get to East Barricade Academy

Progress through the chapter until Cole literally gives you and a few other Gears a lift into the second floor of a building. When inside, swing your camera around to the right and you'll find a component 3-pack on a desk.

gears 5 deadly overload

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Ultimate Upgrade: Deadly Overload
Location: Swarmak battle perimeter
Current Objective: Deploy the beacon in the EBA building

Once you reach the East Barricade Academy, you'll be greeted by a Swarmak. Rather than go outside, head to the right as you avoid the Swarmak's attacks. Look for a four-sided counter that could either be a small bar or an information desk. Walk to the back to find the very last ultimate upgrade: Deadly Overload. This handy boost to Jack's Barrier ability adds an explosive finish when the ability wears off.

gears 5 components 113

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Component 5-Pack
Location: Collapsed road after exiting the academy
Current Objective: Move through the collapsed building

After you've emerged from the other side of the East Barricade Academy, you'll find yourself on a paved road. You'll also hear chatter from Faz and Baird. When facing the road at first, head right. It's not a long walk since you'll quickly end up at the edge of a cliff. Look to your right to find a component 5-pack. You can't reach it but Jack certainly can.

gears 5 components 114

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Component 3-Pack
Location: Collapsed building
Current Objective: Move through the collapsed building

Between the Juvies and the rampant DeeBees, navigating through this cramped collapsed building can be a challenge. Depending on what paths you take, the narrow passage where this component 3-pack is found will appear to you as a downward or upward incline. It's one of the few areas in this section that looks more metallic and less organic.

gears 5 component 115

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Component 3-Pack
Location: Outside the Tomb
Current Objective: Enter the Tomb

While facing the tomb entrance, head for the abandoned car on the left. The component 3-pack is simply hiding on the other side of the car.

Congratulations! You've reached the final component!