Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford is selling his ugly shirts for charity

Randy Pitchford's ugly shirts
(Image credit: Gearbox/Bid Beacon)

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford is selling his, erm, "fun and unique" shirts for a good cause.

Gearbox shared news of the auction on its official Twitter account, with a link to almost 50 of Pitchford's own personal shirts, which you can bid on now through September 9. The online auction lists each shirt's approximate value at $400, but you can bid whatever you want since this is a blind auction, meaning no one can see each other's bids to determine their own.

"Gearbox fans may have noticed the loud shirts worn by our head honcho over the years," reads the studio's tweet announcing the charity auction. "Now these shirts can be yours! Randy is auctioning off dozens of garments with all proceeds funding a developer scholarship."

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Personally, there isn't a game studio on Earth whose CEO I admire so much that I want to wear one of their shirts, especially when the designs are... so very loud. In all fairness though, it's hard to knock a thing when its proceeds are going to charity. Although, in this case it's unclear exactly which charity will benefit from the proceeds; the announcement just says "a developer scholarship." Curiously, the official website changes that language to a plural "scholarships." 

Could Gearbox's own scholarship programs be beneficiaries of the auction? Scanning the 'About' and FAQ sections of the auction reveals nothing about the specific charity or charities involved, so that one's up in the air at the moment.

Either way, you have exactly a week to buy one of Pitchford's, let's just say it, plug-ugly shirts and have your money go to charity.

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