Gauntlet monster slaying on DS

Eidos is bringing a new version of arcade classic Gauntlet to Nintendo DS. Check out the first screenshere.

This latest iteration on the venerable classic, which is in development at Backbone Entertainment (Sonic Rivals 2forPSP), uses a brand new design that sounds more like it was inspired by the original title, rather than being a direct sequel.

The game will still be based around co-operative play, fighting monsters and exploring maps, but will include fresh gameplay all new to the series. Two examples cited are Baiting, which attracts enemies away from your characters, and Glacier Freeze which stops enemies from advancing.

Players will be able to pick from four different character classes, and will fight 32 different types of enemies over 40 different maps. Support for both the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection service and in-game voice chat via the DS microphone is included.

Gauntlet DS is currently slated for release in the States sometime around June, and 'later on in the year' for Europe.

Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 7, 2008