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Gary Ross writing Venom!

Sony must like what Gary Ross is doing to the script of Spider-Man 4: the studio has now handed him Venom to polish, and possibly direct.

Yes, while he's already busy working on the fourth web-crawler instalment, it looks like Ross will be at the reigns of the alien parasite's standalone film.

Venom, you'll recall, is the oily black creature that bonds with Peter Parker, giving him his dark suit and dangerous powers, before he shrugs it off and it bonds with a rival - in Spider-Man 3, that was Topher Grace's Eddie Brock.

But the creature barely appeared in that film, and given its hefty fan following, it seemed only natural that it would get its own shot at cinematic glory.

Until recently, Zombieland scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick had been the men in charge of the script, but when asked about it recently, couldn't talk about the project. And despite the success of the zom-com, it looks like Sony wants to go another way.

Ross hasn't stepped behind the camera since Seabiscuit, but Venom could be an interesting challenge - assuming he even wants to tackle it.

[Source: Heat Vision Blog ]

Is Ross the man to wrangle the symbiont? Speak!