Garth Ennis creates his own time bandit with new series Marjorie Finnegan

Marjorie Finnegan
(Image credit: AWA Studios)

The Boys' Garth Ennis is trading in superheroes for time bandits in the new creator-owned series Marjorie Finnegan.

(Image credit: AWA Studios)

Illustrated by one of his longtime artistic partners Goran Sudzuka, Ennis' Marjorie Finnegan follows a titular temporal criminal as she races up and down the timestream for ways to make money - while trying to keep one step ahead of some time police, as well as her creepy ex.

"Time travel inspires endless possibilities for all kinds of fun, and if there's one thing Marj likes - it's fun," says Ennis in the announcement. "This is my own spin on the time travel tale, with a twist or two that occurred while I was thinking about the conundrums that temporal mischief can inspire.

Here's a preview of Marjorie Finnegan #1:

"It's got Marj herself, a fun-lovin' gal who should be fine as long as she doesn't slow down long enough to notice the chaos she's causing, a villain so evil he looks like Satan, another one who started making trouble back in the womb, a guy who's just a head, and dinosaurs. Really, it's hard to go wrong with dinosaurs. Especially smart ones. But just in case, let's throw in a time cop with a malfunctioning sex toy as well..."

Marjorie Finnegan is being published by AWA Studios, whose editor-in-chief Axel Alonso has A 20+ year history with Ennis going all the way back to Preacher at DC/Vertigo.

(Image credit: AWA Studios)

"Every few years, Garth creates a game-changing story that locates the pulse of popular culture and slices it open: Preacher, his reinvention of the Punisher, The Boys. Marjorie Finnegan is his next masterpiece: a hard-charging, sci-fi romp, featuring a lovably flawed protagonist, perfectly realized with co-creators Goran Sudzuka and Miroslav Mrva," says Alonso.

Marjorie Finnegan #1 (of 8) goes on sale on May 5.

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