GamesRadar's Treasure Hunt

How do you fancy scooping a Sony Bravia XBR KDL-40XBR4 40" LCD TV, worth around $2,000, anXbox 360, aPS3plus a copy ofGrand Theft Auto IVfor both platforms all in one massive prize?

As part of our ongoing celebration of all things GTA, GamesRadar has chummed up with the makers of the game, Rockstar, to offer this killer, one-off haul.

And the best part is that the key to the loot is in front of you right now - it’s GamesRadar.

We’ve hidden throughout the site 20 pieces of aGTA IVimage, like a jigsaw puzzle. We’ve numbered them to make it easier to keep track. The pieces are hidden within news articles, previews, reviews, cheats and features throughout GamesRadar and CheatPlanet (at the top of the page, just hit ‘Cheats’.)

Piece number one of the puzzle is free, it’s right here to get you started.

Now you need to find the missing 19.

To help you in your quest we offer the following clues. If you can decode their meaning, each clue offers an idea of where on the site to look. They could lead you to a specific game, or an article we’ve written, and then it’s down to you to look through the pages to find the hidden puzzle piece. Remember to save the URLs of the pieces you find - you'll need them to claim the prize.


1. (FREE! - submit this page's URL)
2. Beyond the box at the amusement facilitator seminar
3. Newest climbing plant gets enhanced upholstery
4. Telestrator guru meets Texas top dog when success came to a gun or a horse
5. Incomparable test at frigid athletics
6. Andrew and Monique’s son is traded
7. Why would you need to find the way home?
8. The fourth thing we think Grand Theft Auto 4 needs
9. Breath deeply at the dentist for a mirthful experience
10. Tara Reid a Wii fan?
11. Stupid Aussie provides ocular inspiration
12. Sunny weather proves unsuitable for youthful aviation
13. Odin’s crib and mail men
14. Ideal lack of light is null
15. Vindicated Echo
16. Unhinged – ethnic group (ing)
17. Awake
18. True, ‘X’ marks the remote location of these mammoths
19. A 360 degree turnaround – sexy?
20. An explosive soiree at an antiquated film house for the price of five cents

The clues are tough. So over the coming days we will post further clues as to the location of certain pieces in ourspecial contest forum thread.

Of course you can always discuss the contestin the forumwith other users and maybe even exchange hints. It’s up to you. But remember: the whole prize, the TV, the two consoles and the two copies of GTA 4, goes to the FIRST person to send us the correct links to the location of ALL 20 of the puzzle pieces. There is no runner-up prize. It’s all or nothing. So be careful what you share.

If you find all 20 puzzle pieces do the following straight away…

Send GamesRadar an email with links to all the pages with hidden puzzles pieces here:

Then immediately…

Post all your links in the forumsherewith the comment heading: I WON THE GTA CONTEST!

The 20 links MUST be precise and take a user exactly to the page the image is hidden in.

The contest will run until someone wins the loot.

The contest is only open to residents of the United States. No employees of Rockstar games, or Future Publishing are eligible for entry. Jump to the next page for the complete official rules.