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GamesRadar UK Podcast 011 - Mind addled

Welcome to 11th edition of the GamesRadar UK Podcast! Despite getting his own new section last time, there's no Dave 'Hooters' Houghton this week, but that doesn't mean it's another Towell/Cundy back-and-forth-a-thon. No, we're joined by work experience man Marcus Beard, prompting much talk of other beards, both virtual and actual.

In this week's Round Table discussion, the men talk about Ridge Racer: Unbounded, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Game Gear games on 3DS and Mass Effect 3. There's an erection section that would've driven Hooters to distraction, so it's good that he's not here, plus one of the best (apply your own inverted commas there) jokes the Towell Joke Factory has yet produced. It's inimitable, it's probably clinically unstable, and it needs to be in your iPod or playing through your computer's speakers. It's GamesRadar UK Podcast 011! Get clicking the black banner below and enjoy the sonic delights.

Continuing the trend now we've set the precedent, this week's prize also consists of two games: FIFA Street on PS3 (an actual NEW game!) and Harry Potter of the Order of the Phoenix on Xbox 360. If you fancy winning them, which is moderately more likely than last time, listen out for the question at the start of the podcast and leave your answer in the comments on this very page. That's what ithurtstopoop did last time. And he won.

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