GamesRadar+ PAX Panel round-up: Where and when to catch us at PAX Prime 2015

PAX Prime is almost upon us, and the GamesRadar+ crew is headed to Seattle! If you are too, not only might you spy us wandering the show floor, but you can also find us participating in various panels. Some are raunchy, some are serious, some will give you nightmares about what we do with our lives, but all will be worth checking out.

So, if you want to stop by and say hello, ask us some questions or watch us fumble our way through a game show or two, check out the full list of panels that GamesRadar+ will be a part of this weekend at PAX Prime:


1:30 PM - My Favorite Terrible Game - Sphinx Theater
Featuring Managing Editor Susan Arendt and Staff Writer David Roberts, this panel is dedicated to that one awful game that you know is no good, but you love it anyway. Join us and some fellow journalists as we confess our favorite terrible games.

3:30 PM - How to Succeed in Game Journalism Without Really Trying (Rated 13+) - Chicken Theater
Susan Arendt and GameSpot's Alexa Ray Corriea dish on how to land a gig in games journalism, how to stay there, and tips that should prove helpful for beginners and pros alike.

5:00 PM - Top Women Game Characters: The 2015 Edition! (Rated 13+) - Chicken Theater
A faux-wards ceremony where industry veterans including our own Susan Arendt debate with themselves and the audience over which leading ladies deserve the honor - or sometimes "honor" with sarcastic air quotes - of "Best Princess," "Best Woman in an FPS," and "Best Woman in Refrigerator." Less serious, more fun, and more insightful than you might think.


7:00 PM - Game Show Night (Rated 13+) - Sphinx Theater
Oh, man. You really just have to be there. Words don't do it justice. But words are what we do here, so I'll try. Game Show Night consists of a group of game journalists getting together and working with the audience to parody classic game shows like The Price is Right and Family Fued, and promptly twisting them into hilarious, if juvenile, humor. But seriously, not for kids. Starring: Susan Arendt.


12:30 PM - Someone Wrote Clickbait, And You Won't Believe What Happened - Chicken Theater
Have you ever read a headline and immediately clenched your fists and/or rolled your eyes at how misleading or non-informative it was? Well, it bothers us too. News Editor Sam Prell and his fellow journalists will examine the practices of the games press, discuss where clickbait comes from, how we try to avoid it, and answer your most burning questions of what goes on behind the scenes when we're writing.

7:30 PM - Inane Brain: The Quiz You Shouldn't Win (Rated 13+) - Wyvern Theater
GamesRadar's US Editor-in-Chief Ludwig Kietzmann, Susan Arendt and a few surprise guests attempt to prove their gaming street cred by answering the most trivial of gaming minutiae. What was the exact quote from Mega Man 3 when Dr. Light set out to stop Dr. Wily? Who knows, but made-up answers are more fun anyway.


12:30 PM - Metal Gear?! Silent Hill?! The End of an Era?! (Rated 13+) - Sasquatch Theater
Konami is one of gaming's most prolific companies to ever earn its audience's ire. Where is the publisher going and what caused the recent upheaval? Dial your Codec to the Sasquatch Theater to join Ludwig Kietzmann's analytical retrospective and find out.

2:00 PM - How To Be A Hero - Chicken Theater
In addition to her work at GamesRadar, Susan Arendt is also co-founder of Take This, a non-profit charity aimed at increasing awareness and education of mental health. If you ever feel overwhelmed by PAX and need a quiet space, the AFK Room is provided by the organization as a way to recoup and recover. If you want to learn more about how to help each your community and friends in good mental health, join Susan and several members of the Take This team for this panel.

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