The entire Witcher and Dragon Age trilogies are super cheap in the Steam Summer Sale, offering 200+ hours of RPGs for under $20, just in time for The Veilguard and The Witcher 4

The Witcher 3 screenshot showing Geralt, Ciri, and the RPG's cast standing and smiling together while drinking
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It's the most wonderful time of the year for PC gamers, the Steam Summer Sale - which means RPG series like Dragon Age and The Witcher are temporarily massively discounted.

There's no better time than now to prepare for BioWare's exciting release of Dragon Age: The Veilguard this fall, and what better way is there to do so than to play the upcoming game's predecessors first? The Ultimate Edition of the series' original RPG, Origins, costs just $2.99 on Valve's storefront and is marked down by 90%. Dragon Age 2: Ultimate Edition is also $2.99 while Inquisition, BioWare's third and most recent entry, is only a dollar more at $3.99. Altogether, the trio costs a mind-boggling $9.97 - less than 10 bucks.

If Dragon Age isn't enough to sate your fantasy RPG-shaped hunger, CD Projekt Red's entire Witcher series is on sale right now, too. You can purchase all three games in a cheap bundle for just $7.62 - another full saga for less than 10 bucks. If you already own one or two of the games, you can also opt to buy them separately. The first Witcher is $1.49, its sequel is $2.99, and The Witcher 3 is $3.99. DLC for The Witcher 3 is discounted as well, with the Expansion Pass selling for $9.99 - a whopping 60% off.

Considering both the Dragon Age and The Witcher series' discounts, you can net yourself over 200 hours of RPG playtime for around $20 during the Steam Summer Sale. According to How Long to Beat, Dragon Age: Origins is about 40 hours long, Dragon Age 2 is 26, and Inquisition is 47 - on the other hand, The Witcher is around 35 hours long, The Witcher 2 is 24 hours, and The Witcher 3 is 51. If hundreds of hours of fantasy sound like they're right up your alley, you can snag Dragon Age titles here and The Witcher bundle here via Steam.

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Anna Koselke
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