Legend of Zelda player creates a real-life "mech suit" to experience Tears of the Kingdom with an actual bow, shield, and sword

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom screenshot showing Princess Zelda with tied-back blonde hair and emerald green eyes, wielding a sword before her face
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It's official - you can get through Tears of the Kingdom by using a real-life bow, shield, and sword - as now proven by one genius Legend of Zelda player.

YouTuber Lledos has one-upped all of Nintendo's own controllers and themed devices with a "mech suit" he uses to play games. Forget about Skyward Sword's difficult swing mechanics on the Switch and Mario Kart's twisty-turny Wii steering wheel - Lledos' suit includes sensors galore, allowing for real-time actions and movements that translate into games. The creative mastermind's most recent project sees him suit up to tackle Tears of the Kingdom, and it's nothing short of downright impressive.

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"Welcome to Legend of Zelda with a mech suit," Lledos introduces his video before showing his suit off in action, including how it translates into Link's movements in-game and then how combat functions. This combat bit is especially exciting to watch, as Lledos wields an actual shield and sword in real life to defeat enemies as he plays. As for Link's abilities, the YouTuber wears special gloves that let him build, carry, and fuse objects as the protagonist. It all looks like the closest thing we gamers could get to genuine telekinesis, and I'm jealous.

Lledos manages everything in Tears of the Kingdom with his ingenious suit - climbing walls, fighting bosses, taming horses, overcoming puzzles, and more. He even uses a real bow to shoot down enemies as Link, exclaiming how he's "surprised" that it works. This isn't the first time he's accomplished such a feat, either - Lledos' channel shows him using an actual axe to play Skyrim and a gun to play Resident Evil 4 and also features videos in which the YouTuber translates his screams into horror games for more of a challenge. All that's left now is Red Dead Redemption 2, but on horseback - hey, a girl can dream.

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