Is Once Human cross platform and does it have cross-progression?

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You can use Once Human cross platform progression to play the survival game on multiple devices without losing progress, but there are some constraints to be aware of. The cosmic sci-fi shooter from Starry Studio is currently only available on PC, and not all storefront accounts are eligible for cross-progression just yet – Steam users beware! Here's what you need to know about how playing Once Human across multiple platforms works.

Does Once Human have cross-platform progression?

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The simple answer is yes, Once Human does have cross-platform progression on its available platforms, which are PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and Loading Bay (NetEase's proprietary launcher), and later mobile via iOS and Android – console editions for Xbox Series X, PS4, or PS5 have not been announced. You must log into Once Human with the same account across every device you play on to maintain your character progress.

Sounds simple but cross-platform play for Once Human is quite limited at the moment. The main problem is that Once Human has launched solely on PC for now, so that means you're unlikely to need cross-progression unless you're switching to a laptop or a new PC entirely. Additionally, in an FAQ article, Starry Studio mentioned that "cross-platform support is not available for some account types, such as Steam accounts, due to their inherent limitations" with no further elaboration.

However, the studio also said that more account options for cross-platform play will be added in the future but, for now, you should play on your preferred platform. This is definitely something to consider if you intend on playing Once Human on Steam, or are already playing on Steam and want to switch devices. The game will eventually launch on iOS and Android mobile devices, though an official release date does not appear to have been announced by Starry Studio – the iOS App Store expects Once Human on September 26, 2024, but this might not be accurate.

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