The Witcher 3's wildly creative official modding tools release for free later this month

The Witcher 3 next-gen
(Image credit: CDPR)

The Witcher 3's official modding tools are finally out later this month on May 21.

Developer CD Projekt has just announced that 'Redkit,' the developer's own modding tools for The Witcher 3, will be releasing later this month across PC storefronts. What's more, the tools will be free for anyone who owns the original 2015 RPG on Steam, the Epic Games Store, or GOG.

"This powerful tool offers advanced features and unparalleled flexibility, enabling you to unleash your creativity by crafting new quests, characters, animations, and more," the mod's description boasts. It doesn't matter whether you're a seasoned developer or newcomer to modding - Redkit is ready to go.

"From crafting new quests, items, weapons, and characters to developing animations, entire storylines, and new territories, this tool empowers you to shape your adventure precisely how you envision it," CD Projekt also states about Redkit, revealing just how in-depth the modding tools are.

If you want a demonstration of just how good Redkit is, look no further than Philipp Weber's work earlier this month. The Witcher 3 quest designer modified a Blood and Wine quest using Redkit, to bring it closer to his original vision, before it was eventually revised and fine-tuned by other developers at CD Projekt. 

Original quest designer Paweł Sasko also added that you "can't complain" that you can't romance the Crones anymore, because you can simply do it yourself with Redkit. Here's betting the community come up with some incredibly twisted stuff once Redkit is out.

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