PlayStation replaces outgoing CEO Jim Ryan with two new bosses as co-CEOs: Hermen Hulst and Hideaki Nishino

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Sony Interactive Entertainment is replacing outgoing CEO Jim Ryan with two new co-CEOs: previous head of PlayStation Studios Hermen Hulst and SIE exec Hideaki Nishino.

Hulst was previously co-founder and managing director at Horizon Zero Dawn studio Guerrilla Games until he left to head up PlayStation Studios in November 2019. Nishino, meanwhile, has been at SIE as SVP of global product strategy and management since April 2016. Hurst will be appointed CEO of SIE's studio business group, while Nishino will be CEO of the company's platform business group.

"I am thrilled to lead the studio business group and continue to build on our success with PlayStation 5, while preparing for the future," Hulst said in a statement. "The video game industry is one of the largest entertainment industries in the world and has been built on the marriage of content and technology, and I look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of play and entertainment."

Ryan announced his departure from SIE in September, and he officially retired at the end of March, with Sony Group Corporation president, COO, and CFO Hiroki Totoki stepping in as interim CEO starting April 1. Hulst and Nishino will start as co-CEOs starting June 1 and will then report to Totoki.

"We will continue to connect players and creators through world-class products, services, and technology. We always strive to grow our community even bigger with innovation in every area at Sony Interactive Entertainment," said Nishino. "I am honored to be appointed such an important role alongside Hermen. By working more closely together, we will be positioned to build incredible experiences for an ever-expanding audience now and in the future."

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