Elden Ring streamer takes roleplaying to the next level by rolling in real life every time they roll in the RPG

Elden Ring DLC spear throw
(Image credit: FromSoftware / Bandai Namco)

Elden Ring challenges have become increasingly absurd as players try to one-up each other by building real-world Greatswords to swing around, training goldfish to beat bosses, and completing the game 100 times to chase the weirdest challenges imaginable. One streamer is now trying to raise the ceiling by rolling every time their character rolls. A true roll-playing game. 

Streamer and content creator GoodGameEthan began the rolling challenge five months ago, and has only just beat Maliketh, presumably because his endurance (knees) needs a boost. "After 3 hours I finally beat Maliketh but when I dodge roll in game, I roll in real life," the streamer shared in a Reddit post. See them wheel around in the clip below. 

After 3 Hours I finally beat Maliketh but When I Dodged Rolled in game I Rolled in Real Life from r/Eldenring

This one made my head hurt more than your every day challenges - and I'm not even the one barrel rolling across my living room. I just can't stop thinking about the reflexes involved in such a task. You don't just need to press buttons at the time time, but spin your entire body around to please the faceless digital audience, losing valuable seconds of sight in the meantime.

"I tried really hard to beat the game before the DLC, but my knees gave out on me after 2 hours fighting Godfrey this morning," the streamer explained in a follow-up comment. "Will try to beat the game before I tackle the DLC." Some kneepads might be necessary for Shadow of the Erdtree, as thousands of divided Steam reviews complain about the DLC's tough difficulty. Even Elden Ring veterans are getting humbled by an early boss.

Future FromSoftware games will at least continue Elden Ring’s “combination between freedom and difficulty.”

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