Further pointing to the fact the Fallout TV series feels like Fallout 5, Todd Howard says: "It's a new entry, so just like we approach a game"

Fallout TV Show
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The executive producer of the Fallout TV show, and head of Bethesda, Todd Howard, has said the team worked on the series "just like we approach a game." 

In a Q&A session with Howard to promote the Fallout TV show, the developer turned TV producer, answered some questions about the adaptation. To open the video, Howard explains: "It's a new entry, so just like we approach a game - where we're gonna tell a new story, put it in a new location - the show does that. 

"It's exciting for us that people who maybe wanted to experience [Fallout], now they can in a new way - and people who never have, they get the opportunity," he continues. This quote isn't actually that much on its own, but it reminded us that the show's other executive producer, Jonathan Nolan, has previously said "It’s basically Fallout 5," and given it more credence. 

Elsewhere in the Q&A session, Howard was asked what was most important to him when adapting the game for TV. "It being authentic," he responds. "That it kept true to the world of Fallout. That it didn't re-tell a story we had told, that it was telling a new one, and it does take place after Fallout 4." 

So although Bethesda says not to expect Fallout 5 any time soon, you can kind of think of the Fallout TV show as a draft of the highly anticipated sequel. Especially since Todd Howard stopped some Fallout 5 ideas appearing in the Fallout TV show.

Just before the show's premiere, the developer revealed that a Fallout TV show has been in talks for 16 years: "People have wanted to make a Fallout show ever since we did Fallout 3," Howard says. "I took a lot of meetings and had conversations." 

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