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Game tight Space Invaders bling likely to insta-pimp that ass

No need to front, aspiring Nerdcore MCs! Taito has teamed up with Christofle, manufacturer of all things shiny and expensive, to sell these kick ass Space Invaders necklaces, which should turn even the most unsightly nerd into the belle of the Players Ball.

Above: Possibly inspired by Le Tete au Cube, a French site we couldn't read

Get a good look, because judging by the prices of everything else on the website, none of you will be able to afford it. Luckily, I’m a high rollin’ Gamez Journalist and mybank account's got more zeros than the binary code of yo mama’s Facebook profile, so I’ll probably pick up several. And it's about time too, since my old 8-bit ice is getting a little stale:

Above: Don't hate - just appreciate

Apr 28, 2010