Latest Game of Thrones season 8 trailer might feature a massive spoiler, according to this fan theory

Games of Thrones season 8 is landing on our TV screens in just over a week's time (April 14 US, April 15 UK), and while that means we don’t have much of a wait left to find out what’s coming, a Redditor with a keen eye may have just uncovered a major spoiler in a recent season 8 promo trailer.

Now it goes without saying that this isn’t confirmed, but if you’re wary of anything spoiling the new season for you, this is your final warning. Proceed with caution.

A handful of days ago, HBO dropped three new promo trailers titled “Survival”, “Together”, and “Aftermath”. Fans of the series immediately took to the Freefolk subreddit to pick apart the trailers and speculate over the footage shown. The “Together” promo - which can be seen below - caught the eye of Reddit user Spiral66 who believes it could point towards a major spoiler in the final season.

In the trailer, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen can be seen for a few seconds standing in front of a stone fireplace at around the 0:10 second mark. Redditor Spiral66 believes the stone fireplace is the very same one found in Dragonstone, which would place the pair there. 

So why’s this such a big deal? Well, in the final season we know the big battle against the Night King's forces at Winterfell is going to take place, and Jon and Daenerys will be in the thick of it. They would likely retreat to Dragonstone after the battle, which could mean they both survive the fighting. 

“When the promo came out, most people assumed, including myself, that shot of Dany was before the big battle at Winterfell”, Spiral66 explains to Huffington post, “But as this sub has a tendency to overanalyze things, I started thinking, ‘What if this was somewhere else?’ And sure enough, after looking up the Dragonstone fireplace, the carvings from both images matched. After that I checked what the Winterfell fireplaces looked like and they seem to have a much more traditional style so then I become certain this scene was at Dragonstone.” 

In the “Survival” promo we can see as the characters all prepare for battle and whatever fate may await them. And in true Game of Thrones form, it doesn’t look particularly good for anyone. 

From the comparison image Spiral66 posted (seen below) of the the shot from the trailer and a shot from a previous season, it really does look like Dragonstone. 

Credit: Spiral66

Credit: Spiral66

Spiral66 went on to speculate to Huffington post, saying: “Dany and Jon (who is briefly in this clip) at Dragonstone suggests that after presumably losing Winterfell, they retreat to Dragonstone and use it as their new base of operations. As others have noticed, Dany seems to be contemplative - maybe even mourning over the lost battle and lives. Jorah or Greyworm maybe as some of the casualties?” 

At this point anything could happen. We’ll just have to continue to speculate as we anxiously await what will not doubt be a memorable conclusion to the show.

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