Game of Thrones season 7 features the biggest battle in the show’s history

Raise your swords and prepare for war: Game of Thrones season 7 is gearing up for the biggest battle in the show’s history. 

But hold on! Warning: Possible spoilers are coming after the Hodor.

Forget the Battle of the Bastards and the Battle of Blackwater Bay, WatchersOnTheWall are reporting that preparations are underway for a scrap between two (or possibly more) factions with 500 extras and 100 horses. That’s just a touch bigger than the previous largest battle, season 6’s Battle of the Bastards which used 500 extras but only 70 horses. Season 7 needs more horse, clearly. 

Pictures taken from Spanish newspaper El Periódico Extremadura show a large scene being set up, complete with horses and smoke machines. Now we all know by now that Game of Thrones loves a large atmospheric battle or two, and this looks like it won’t disappoint. 

Extras will need to stick around for a month and undergo military training. That’s a large commitment - imagine finding out you’re going to be on Game of Thrones only for you to be stuck in boot camp for a month. That’s showbusiness for you.

It’s clear that Game of Thrones producers are going all-in so we’re expecting something big. Pictures of lots of Lannister armor have already been snapped so are they in on the action here? 

If that wasn’t enough, following on from yesterday’s story about Randyll Tarly making a return in season 7, it appears the moody head of House Tarly will be involved in the battle. James Faulkner tweeted a picture earlier this week, with the Randyll Tarly actor mounting a horse close to where the action is being filmed.

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Interestingly, The Tarlys have a close alliance to House Tyrell. Could we be seeing an armed response to Queen Cersei wiping out the majority of the Tyrells at the end of season 6?

Game of Thrones season 7 will debut in summer 2017. 

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