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"I feel like the writers got bored" – The internet reacts to the Game of Thrones finale

Game of Thrones
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That’s all, folks. Game of Thrones season 8 has ended with the final episode airing on Sunday night. It’s been a rollercoaster of a season – not least in terms of opinions being shared online – and, of course, we’re here for one final round of reactions from Twitter. The main question is, now that the Game of Thrones finale is in the books, what did everyone make of it? We’re here to answer that through the medium of memes, knee-jerk reactions, and so much more. For one last time, your Game of Thrones watch has ended.

A disappointing Dany death

The Mad Queen arrived and… was dispatched pretty quickly. So much for the Big Bad taking up much of the final episode’s airtime. The response, as you can imagine, was fairly mixed for such a (formerly?) beloved character going out without so much as a blaze of glory.

The Iron Throne is no more

Symbolism 101: Destroy something that stands for something else. Dan Weiss and David Benioff certainly did that, but how did Drogon know the importance of melting the Iron Throne? That’s one smart-ass dragon.

Bottled it

First there was the Starbucks cup, ruler of the Decaf Kingdoms, and now – wouldn’t you just know it – there’s been another on-set slip-up. This time, a pesky water bottle has been spotted in one of the most important scenes in the show’s history.

A Song of... you know the rest

A Song of Ice and Fire. Sam said the thing! The history of the show is now in book form and, weirdly, Tyrion doesn’t make a single appearance.

Two new rulers

For years now, we’ve been wondering who would be sitting on the Iron Throne come the show’s end. As it turns out: no one. No, not Arya, but two more Starks reigned supreme away from the Iron Throne, as Bran became King of the Six Kingdoms, while Sansa broke off the North to become an independent Kingdom.


D’aww. Just look at that Good Boy. He finally gets a reunion with Jon after episode 4's heartbreaking goodbye.

A deserved ending?

Let’s leave the final word, as ever, with the people of Twitter. Good? Bad? Indifferent? It’s all here.

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