Game music of the day: Grand Theft Auto IV

Game: Grand Theft Auto IV

Song: Soviet Connection

Composer: Michael Hunter

Above: Soviet Connection from Grand Theft Auto IV (which is actually available for free onAmazon, by the way)

The Grand Theft Auto series has always been known for including a fitting selection of music for eachgame's localeand time period. In GTA IV in particular, a lot of the tracks, like the lyrics-focused "Dirty New Yorker" and "Where's My Money" are quite literal in their interpretations of the setting and story. ButSoviet Connection by Michael Hunteralso does an excellent job setting the tone for the game through a purely instrumental track, and it's fitting that a remixed version of this track plays on the start screen. It has a subdued hip-hop feeling, witha good mix of strings and some interesting instrument choices.

Above: Holy Thursday by David Axelrod

Another instrumental track from the OST called Holy Thursday also deserves a mention - it plays on the Fusion FM radio station and is included in the Music of Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack that wascame with the special edition of GTA IV. It's a jazzy track that's great for laid-back driving around Liberty City.

September by Earth, Wind %26amp; Fire

Still Alive by Lisa Miskovsky

Game music of the day: Hexic HD
Underlow by Jerry Schroeder

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