Game music of the day: Elite Beat Agents

Game: Elite Beat Agents
Song: September
Composer: Earth, Wind & Fire

Above: Honestly, I don't care for this cover. See the true version below

Okay, this entry is almost cheating. Full disclosure: This being the first day of September, why not celebrate the band who gave the month its name.

Above: Great game, but I'm just using it as an excuse

That’s right, if today’s GMotD is going to be poor excuse to play one of the greatest disco funk songs in history, let’s just go ahead and falsely credit Earth, Wind & Fire with creating the entire month of September (Suck it, Mayans!) which was originally known as “Septober” before the song premiered on Volume 1 of the band’s “Best of” album in 1978.


The game I’m using as an excuse to play the song is Elite Beat Agents, a seemingly forgotten rhythm title from 2006. Sad, because it’s a ridiculouslycharming little music game,and even Nintendo seemed to have enough early faith in its potential to take on the publishing duties.Unfortunately, the word never got around stateside and the US has yet to receive any of the stylus-jammin’ successors enjoyed by Japan.

Above: I'll have whatever Japan's having, k thx

Call it bizarre if you want to, humorless xenophobes; I thought the idea of dispatching dancing government agents to help motivate people through their problems was one of the most creative and hilarious presentations I’d ever “seen.”

Above: “Seen” probably isn’t the right word, as you’re normally too busy frantically keeping step with the bottom screen to see the absurdity occuringup top. Please take the time to enjoy it now

But yeah, using licensed music is sort of a copout we tend to shy away from for Game Music of the Day. Otherwise we could write a two year’s worth of articles on Rock Band music alone, and nobody wants that. But I love “September” dearly, so if you don’t care for TC Moses’ coverat the top of the pagethen you should’ve seen the game I almost went with before remembering it was in Elite Beat Agents:

Meh: “September ’99” from Dance Dance Revolution Universe


Bazlisk Mine Field by Keiji Yamagishi, "B.B."

Title Screen by Kazunaka Yamane

Invitation by Ueko, Uehara, Muraoka and Morimoto