The Game Awards has its very own game on Xbox One

A junior marketer sat bolt upright in his ideation pod (a bean bag filled inside which every hand-milled bead has the word "inspiration" written across it in invisible ink). "Bros," he yammers, "what if the Game Awards had an actual game you could play?" Once the screaming stopped, the idea was run up the flagpole, collected from the flagpole by a senior executive on a passing hoverboard, before being balled up, having a tick drawn on it and thrown into the frictionless concave pit into which all the IT guys and their laptops are pushed.

And now here we are - if you watch the 2015 Game Awards on your Xbox One later today (it starts at 6pm Pacific time, 9pm Eastern time and 2am UK time) you'll be able to take part in a live game resembling a cross between 1 v 100 and the Wii Everybody votes channel. You'll be asked to predict the winners of each category - answering quickly and correctly nets you points that are tallied up and compared to your friends as it goes along. Here's awards presenter Geoff Keighley to explain it further:

How you access the game is never fully covered in the video, but our guess is that a link to the livestream will appear on the dashboard later, and the game will just pop up onscreen at the appropriate times during the show. Can't be bothered with this modern frippery? We've got you covered - watch it here (opens in new tab).

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