G-Force pics online

The first pictures from the new Jerry Bruckheimer action thriller G-Force are online.

It’s a high-octane tale starring the likes of Sam Rockwell, Penelope Cruz, Nic Cage, Steve Buscemi, 30 Rock’s Tracy Morgan and Bill Nighy.

So far, so Bruckheimer standard, but this is not your average explode-a-thon. This features talking animals, Beverly Hills Chihuahua style as CG rodent critters aim to stop Nighy’s scheming business tycoon from threatening the world. You can see the pics in the gallery to the right.

Special forces

The G-Force are specially trained hamsters, guinea pigs and other animals who work together as an elite fighting unit.

The idea apparently sprung from director Hoyt Yeaman’s son, and Bruckheimer was sold on the concept of “little James Bonds,” as the producer told USA Today.

“It’s clever and fun. The kids will laugh, the adults will laugh too.” Says JB. It’s got to be better than the Chihuahuas, at least.

[Source: USA Today ]