Future vamps and a hungry croc

It’s the end of the world as Will Smith knows it… And to be honest, he’s feeling a little low. Yes, it’s the Fresh Prince’s latest stab at sci-fi, this time adapting Richard Matheson’s classic vamp-virus future shock novel for the second time on screen after years in development.

With Constantine’s Francis Lawrence directing, it’s certainly big and visually lush (in an apocalyptic stylee), and it cleverly decides to hold back on showing any of the actual vamp-like savages that Smith’s Robert Neville faces. This could be something special, but then again it could be awful… Let’s hope for the former after watching the trailer (opens in new tab) here .

And then there’s Rogue, from the horror-driven mind of Wolf Creek’s Greg MacLean. This time, instead of a homicidal maniac butchering tourists in Australia, it’s a hungry reptile on the hunt for fresh meat.

One thing strikes us immediately about this – there’s almost zero dialogue. Which has us figuring it’s either a teaser, or the words are just awful and no one cares anyway when there’s a big crocodile chasing Alias’ Michael Vartan, who trained for appearing with a man-eating beastie by starring alongside Jennifer Lopez’ ego in Monster-In-Law.

Still, with MacLean’s hand on the script and behind the camera, chances are this’ll be a fun monster romp. Check out the trailer at Fangoria (opens in new tab) here .

source:( Apple (opens in new tab) ) ( Fangoria (opens in new tab) )

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