As the player makes his/her way through each level, he/she will eventually encounter a boss character, adding another platform-game convention. After the boss is defeated, the player wins a "nano." In addition to leveling the character up, these items are used to give the player additional powers. As the player accumulates different nanos, they can be combined for different effects. The nanos work on a rock-paper-scissors system, requiring the player to switch to a different combination to defeat certain enemies. Acquiring and manipulating nanos, as well as the player's gear, gives the game a fair bit of flexibility. The publisher equates nanos to the skill system in Guild Wars. That might be stretching it a bit, but the intent is certainly similar.

FusionFall has an anime-inspired look to it. The characters are pretty sharp, feature distinct cel-shading, and are styled after modern cartoons. To keep the whole look consistent, several Cartoon Network characters have been aged. This is a dream come true to anyone that's ever had a naughty thought about one of the Powerpuff Girls. (We're pretty sure Bubbles would grow up to be hot.)

FusionFall is set for a summer 2008 release. There will be a portion that's playable for free, as well as some premium content. The content types and costs have not yet been revealed. From what we've seen so far, it looks like a fast, simple, and enjoyable online game with smart looks. Whether it has the staying power required for an MMOG remains to be seen, but you can be sure we'll be checking that aspect of the game out when we next see it.

Feb 27, 2008