Funcom reveals new Age of Conan content plan

Funcom has revealed what players can expect to see added to Age of Conan over the next couple of months, promising new content, gameplay and social mechanics that should fatten out the MMO.

Top of the list is a PvP update, scheduled for later on this month.

It will include ten PvP character levels, specific gear and unique weapons, and a fugitive system that will penalise players who hunt low level characters. If you do, other players will find it easier to track you down and kill you in hideously gory ways.

Elsewhere, a guild update called Kingship will allow guilds to form alliances, create unique looking Battlekeeps and build culture-specific 'wonders of the world' that have a direct link to the gods.

A reward system named Powerpoints will also be introduced. These points are given out for owning a Battlekeep, playing the end-game, winning PvP, or simply being an active player.

You can spend these on weapons, armour and potions, or they might even allow you to level faster. Which makes no sense if you earn a lot of these points when you're level 80. Nevermind.

On top of these major changes, Funcom promises that players can expect new areas and dungeons, social updates (including a comb-based dancing system that sounds like DDR) and more adventures.

Our personal favourite tidbit is that sixty quests will get full voice-acting, so it won't seem like the entire world becomes mute past level 20.

Now if we can see a reduction in boar-killing quests and an increase in those seen in the earlier areas the game, we think Funcom would have a long term hit on their hands. It all sounds promising, indeed.

Courtesy of CVG.

Jun 13, 2008