Fun in Liberty City

Unlike previous GTA titles, LCS' cheat codes only let you whistle up two kinds of vehicle: the nigh-indestructible Rhino tank, and the Trashmaster garbage truck.

But all is not lost; you don't need instant access to high-end sports cars to have a good time! Instead, just spawn a Trashmaster (Triangle, Circle, Down, Triangle, Circle, Up, L1, L1) in the middle of a crowded street. Now spawn another one and giggle about how it looks like the trucks are humping.

Now, those two look kind of lonely, so spawn another one. And another. And another. You should be able to input the code pretty quickly by now, so for practice, spawn about a dozen more.

By now, the street should be filled with Trashmasters, and the animation rate should have dropped to about 2 frames per second. Part of that is because all the giant Trashmasters are rubbing against each other, trying to shove each other away to keep from occupying the same space.

All that rubbing creates an awful lot of friction, though. Oh, look, one of them caught fire! A gigantic chain reaction is just around the corner, and the results will be exactly what you think: a gigantic fireworks display, followed almost immediately by stupid motorists trying to muscle their tiny cars under the blackened hulks.

If you'd rather skip the trouble of doing things yourself, you can always watch our video footage of all this stuff instead. Just click the Movies tab above, and you can see everything we did in this article in motion.

Better yet, pick up the game find your own ways to play havoc with Liberty City's laws of physics. If you're creative with what it offers, you'll find that the possibilities for craziness are almost limitless. Not a bad deal for $20, huh?

Mikel Reparaz
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