Frontlines: Fuel of War

The most remarkable aspect of what we saw was the freedom to approach the missions however you want. A lot of your approach will be dictated by the equipment that you have, but the missions seem to be peppered with weapons. For dealing with something as simple as a heavily armoredtank, we saw our soldier drive a remote control drone under it and blow up, guide a rocket over a hill and into the weak armor on the top of the tank and also hop in a tank of their own and start blasting shells back and forth. In the whole game there will be over 60 vehicles and weapons.

After seeing the single-player game, we got some hands-on time with the multiplayer. The idea is to push the frontline as deep into the opposing team's territory as possible. The farther it goes, the faster your team accumulates points, and if you push the line all the way to the other side of the map, your team wins. So you can win by getting the highest score, pushing the line all the way back and also by killing your opponents until they run out of respawns. Each team is allotted a specific number of shared lives.

We started out as a sniper, but there are several Loadouts, which determine your starting equipment, including assault, heavy assault and spec-ops. As a sniper, we got a sniper rifle and a few last resort guns as well. Along with that choice, you also pick a role to play. You can pick ground support, EMP tech, drone tech or air support, so the way you play is heavily influenced by the role you choose.