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Frontlines: Fuel of War

Oct 18, 2007

Frontlines: Fuel of War is actually a pun. You see, the fuel of war isn't the standard issue Marine Rations; it's actual fuel - gas, like the kind you put in your car. That's what you fight for in this game. You play nameless soldiers following a reporter for the Western Coalition as he liberally covers the war against the Red Star Alliance. That way, if you get killed you just take over another of your fellow Westerners and continue the campaign. The story involves more than fighting for gas prices - the fuel of the world has gone scarce, and the super-powers of the world have banded together to form the two alliances and vie for control - but probably not tons more.

We got tosit co-piloton a mission for the 360 version of the game- which means we just watched it being played through - and it started off frantically, which we imagine most of them do. As the name of the game implies, we were at the frontlines of a battle. Our map even showed us the imaginary line dividing the battlefield. We were leading a squad whose job it was to push the frontline forward. To do that we would have to blow stuff up at some objective points, capture other objective points and do some other stuff (at objective points).

There were five objective points at first. By capturing/blowing-up stuff at these points the line could be moved forward. The battle was not a by the numbers affair, all five of the points were on our map but there was no particular order that we had to capture them. To move the line forward, the objectives closest to the frontline should be done first, but there are always different choices for how that should be done. Your squad will follow you anywhere, and (at least in the map we saw) the game allows you to go all over the place with multiple routes to get through each mission.