Friday fight with Blizzard

Think you've got some PvP skills? Now's your chance to beat Blizzard at its own game. Starting at 2:00 pm (PDT) tomorrow, players will be able to challenge Blizzard staff in the name of honor and testing the upcoming matchmaking system. If you have a level 70 character, and pwning some Blizzard community managers sounds like a good way to kick off your weekend, head over to the PvP public test realm and queue up for the Warsong Gulch battleground.

Above: You shouldn't have to worry about getting steamrolled by opponents withsuperior gear if the matchmaking system works as planned

The upcoming matchmaking system is just a small part of the mammoth 2.1 patch, and will pit teams against each other based on gear and level of organization. If it works, it could very well mark the end of the Alliance getting continuously owned by the Horde in PvP battlegrounds.

To get a copy of the public test realm client and copy your characters over,click here. Be sure to keep an eye out for detailed impressions on the 2.1 patch in upcoming editions ofWindow to WoW. In the meantime,head here for detailed notes on the patch straight from the source.

May 3, 2007