Fracture revealed

What’s your idea of the perfect handheld weapon? A gun? A bazooka? A glowing laser blade? Yeah, that’s all pretty good; but the minds at publisher LucasArts and developer Day 1 Studios (they made the MechAssault games for Xbox) think they may have found something even better for Fracture, their new third-person shooter due mid-2008 for PS3 and 360 – how about a mountain?

Okay, not exactly a mountain, but not far from it. In Fracture, you play Mason Briggs, a futuristic soldier whose grenades can literally terraform the very battleground beneath your feet. Need cover? Toss a tectonic grenade and watch as a small hill erupts right before your eyes. See a small chunk of masonry missing in the wall of the enemy stronghold? Drop a subsonic grenade and ten seconds later, you can waltz right in through the underground tunnel that appears.