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Fox to remake Alien?

We'll serve one this up straight: a reliable source has tipped off Bloody Disgusting that Twentieth Century Fox is remaking Alien.

Some days, we just wish the world would end to spare us further suffering.

The tipster appears to be reliable, after previously leaking news that Robert Rodriguez would be producing a Predator reboot way back in January this year.

According to him/her, Michael Costigan, Ridley Scott and Tony Scott are on board to produce.

They have even tapped commercial/music video director Carl Rinsch to direct. Rinsch has previously worked at Scott Free Productions on adverts.

The movie would focus on the original concept of Alien; one xenomorph, one ship and half a dozen scared shitless crew.

Update: A separate source has told Bloody Disgusting that this may indeed be an origins story, as opposed to a straight remake.

So remake, origins story, or sequel. Which would you prefer?