Forza Horizon 4 Hot Wheels Legends Car Pack is coming soon

Forza Horizon 4 Hot Wheels Legends
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The Forza Horizon 4 Hot Wheels Legends Car Pack is coming soon, and it's a callback to the arcadey greatness of the Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels DLC.

Microsoft and Playground Games revealed their plans for the upcoming car pack just after announcing that Forza Horizon 4 is headed to Steam. While we know we can start playing Forza Horizon 4's Steam version on March 9, the Hot Wheels Legends Car Pack is still just "upcoming" for now.

As a Car Pack, you can expect this set of Hot Wheels DLC to add a new set of toy-inspired vehicles to the game. Sadly, it doesn't look like it will add in whole new physics-defying races over the countryside in those trademark bright orange Hot Wheels tracks, like the Hot Wheels expansion did in Forza Horizon 3. It's just the cars this time, but at least that means it will be priced accordingly - and if you really want the full toy experience, there's always the Lego Speed Champions expansion.

Microsoft and Playground Games confirmed that the Steam version of Forza Horizon 4 will support cross-play, so you'll be able to ride along with and race against online players from Xbox and the Windows Store. Running into other players (hopefully not literally) is a big part of Forza Horizon 4's open world, so that's good news for everybody involved.

We're still waiting to hear the first official word of Forza Horizon 5 even as rumours continue to swirl about it and the next Forza Motorsport. 

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