Forza Motorsport revealed for Xbox Series X

Forza Motorsport is coming to Xbox Series X, a new trailer in the Xbox Games Showcase has confirmed. 

The trailer showcased some truly phenomenal looking cars and tracks, and is reportedly all in-engine footage. We got a glimpse of both on-track action, as cars whizzed around, alongside behind-the-scenes footage in the garage. All looked equally eye-popping. 

However, there was no release date given for the racing game from Turn 10. According to the Xbox Wire post that followed the show, Forza Motorsport is "currently early in development, will run at 4K, 60 frames per second with scenes connected and dynamic." 

"Ray tracing is coming to ForzaTech, creating a dynamic world where everything is connected – from surfaces of cars reflecting off each other, brilliant red paint reflected off of detailed track surfaces and light and shadow interplay."

A statement on the YouTube page for the game said: "Automotive entertainment is reimagined for a new generation", which hints that this could be a different type of experience from Turn 10. 

It was also confirmed that Forza Motorsport will be available on Game Pass from day one, on both Xbox Series X and PC. Be sure to head back to GamesRadar for more on Forza Motorsport. 

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Ben Tyrer

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