Forza Horizon 4 makes series history with Steam launch

Forza Horizon 4
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Update: Forza Horizon 4 is now live on Steam, marking it the first in the series to release on a platform that isn't owned by Microsoft

As we reported below, Forza Horizon 4 on Steam supports cross-play between Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S, Windows 10, xCloud, and Steam, so you can race around with your buddies no matter the platform. 

The latest game in the Forza series has seen mostly glowing reviews, and Playground Games has released two substantial expansions now available for purchase via Steam.

Original story:

Forza Horizon 4 is coming to Steam on March 9, marking a first for the Microsoft franchise. 

The news was announced by Forza Horizon creative director Mike Brown on Xbox Wire today, and it was confirmed that cross-play support will allow players on Xbox One or Xbox Series X, Windows 10, xCloud, and Steam to play together without limitation. If you want a reminder when it launches on Steam in a few weeks, you can add Forza Horizon 4 to your Steam wishlist here.

If for any reason you've been waiting for a Steam launch to check out the latest Forza game, I'll have you know that it sounds like you've been missing out. Our 4/5 Forza Horizon 4 review called it "a challenging and all-encompassing online racer" and a visual showcase for the Xbox One X (it's just been optimized for Xbox Series X, so it'll look and play even better now).

Steam players will also be able to download the two available expansions: Fortune Island and Lego Speed Champions. Steam will also have three different Forza Horizon 4 car packs for purchase: the 007-inspired Best of Bond pack, the classic Barret-Jackson pack, and the "thrilling" Hot Wheels Legends pack.

While Forza is entirely new to Steam, this won't be the first time Microsoft brought one of its flagship IPs to Valve's gaming platform. Halo: The Master Chief Collection hit Steam back in December 2019, and Sea of Thieves followed back in July of last year.

Xbox studio 343 Industries recently teased that there will be a new "place and way to play" Halo: The Master Chief Collection soon.

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