Fortnite tournament raises $42,000 to combat rare genetic diseases

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Cure Rare Disease, a Boston-based nonprofit researching and developing medicine for rare genetic diseases, has received a $42,000 donation raised from a Fortnite charity tournament. See mom? Games are good.

The tournament was put on by American telecom company Cox and prominent Fortnite tournament administrator Practice Server, attracting more than 5,000 players including popular influencers like Stretch, Illest, Arab, and Sayt.

"On behalf of Cure Rare Disease, we are so grateful for Cox's generosity and partnership in being the title sponsor for the holiday charity tournament and for Practice Server who executed the event flawlessly,” said Cure Rare Disease founder Rich Horgan. 

"Moreover, I'm grateful for the generosity of the entire Fortnite community who participated across the board. We entered the esports space earlier this year as a virtual means to raise awareness of rare disease among the esports population while helping to reach our fundraising goals. We have been astounded by the tremendous support we've received from the gaming community and its industry leaders who continue to show their dedication to our cause."

Participants included professional and casual gamers alike, who all took part in Duos matches and earned their teams a point for every elimination. Rewards were dealt out for winning the tournament, getting the most eliminations, winning best placement, being the longest team alive, and winning the most points in a single game.

How's that for some feel-good cheer during the holidays?

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