Fortnite Tenet Easter egg could kick off a new crossover event

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

A new Fortnite Tenet Easter egg has appeared, just in time for the film's upcoming August 26 premier

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You can see (and hear) the Easter egg for yourself over in Steamy Stacks. Head into unit four and dig down to the basement by busting through the floor at the bottom of the stairs. Next, knock out the far wall. You may hear a snippet of music from the latest Tenet trailer – though it seems to be faint, so some users have reported not hearing it at all – and you'll definitely see the distinctive orange suitcase on the floor. It's marked by what looks like some sort of stone idol, the use or significance of which is anyone's guess.

The trail ends there for now, but given the timing, it's likely that we'll see more Tenet weirdness crop up in Fortnite in the weeks ahead. The film's international debut is just weeks away, and its US release isn't far behind, which puts it right in the sweet spot for a Fortnite crossover event. This is the game's usual pattern: teasers and breadcrumbs a few weeks ahead, followed by a full-fat event that launches around a film's premier. On top of that, the first Tenet trailer originally aired in Fortnite, using the game as a sort of virtual big screen, so there's clearly interest on both sides. 

This isn't the only Tenet mystery floating around: its website was recently updated with an audio experience that may be hiding some secrets of its own. 

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