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Fortnite July 6 warnings are a hoax and your account is not going to be deleted

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite July 6th is going to be just like any other day in Fortnite - that is, your account is not going to be deleted by a malicious and mysterious hacker. Definitely not by a malicious and mysterious hacker who is also choosing to jeopardize their grand scheme by dropping super-villain-like hints to a guy with a big YouTube channel.

That's the story circulating via a prominent Fortnite YouTuber who will herein remain unnamed since the whole point of sharing bogus stories like these is to get more attention. It's also a narrative that Epic Games' Fortnite PR boss Nick Chester quickly shut down on his Twitter account.

For reference, July 6 is a slightly more believable date for this massive hack to occur, since Epic publicly announced that its offices are closed for a two-week summer break until July 8. What better time to storm the castle than when everybody's out on vacation, right?

Again, there is no credible source to indicate that any such attack is being planned, or that anybody has the ability to do it.

Even if you're willing to believe that a hacker could somehow sneak a script into the Fortnite client that will delete people's accounts on a certain day (as the YouTuber's narrative goes), buying the idea that they could also somehow clear out all the backups of backups of backups of account data that Epic could quickly roll back to is another level of far fetched-ness.

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