Could these outfits be the start of this year’s Fortnite Halloween skins?

Fortnite Halloween Skins
(Image credit: Epic Games)

A recent update Epic's battle royale title may have revealed what style of Fortnite Halloween skins we can expect to see next month, as Castor and Elmira have received some seasonally appropriate get-ups.

As originally discovered by Twitch streamer dakotaz, the V10.31 had two new skins hidden away in the update, which they managed to get footage of. We’re particularly big fans of Elmira’s pointy hat, mainly because it now looks much more like a witch’s hat. 

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While it’s unclear whether these costumes were intentionally added or not, they do convey a certain Halloween flair, from the orange jack-o'-lantern glow from their eyes to their greyish skin colour and dark robes. Plus, a fan on Twitter has snapped pics of them on the lobby screen, so it seems like they’re here to stay. 

Could some of the other characters in the game get a similar makeover for Halloween? We’ll keep our eyes peeled on the store, but put it this way, if these aren’t for October 31, Epic has made some pretty goth skins for the fun of it.

Update: Fortnite leaker HypeX found these file names for nine potential Halloween skins as well. Cuddle Team Dark, eh? As if that skin could get any scarier...

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With Fortnite Season 11 due to start in October, we won’t have to wait too long to find out what Epic has planned for its colourful shooter over October and all the way into Halloween this year. Considering how prolific Fortnite is when it comes to seasonal content, we can imagine it’s pretty exhaustive. 

There’s still plenty of time to tick off those Fortnite Season 10 challenges, such as finding the Fortnite Firing Range locations and Fortnite Bullseye locations

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